What Does It Feel Like – written with Kit Hain

This was the first song I wrote after 9/11.  I remember glancing out the windows of Kit’s studio on 7th avenue and seeing those towers gone.  The song is about a break up (that was haunting me far past it’s sell by date) but looking back had more to do with not understanding what had just happened to us, to me and what if it had not happened at all….

Time and Tide – written by Kit Hain and Wayne Cohen

This is one song that I love to listen to and am honored to have sung the demo for Kit and Wayne. I only wish I had writing credits!  For this song, I adore the sound of my own voice 😉   Thank you, Kit and Wayne for letting me post it.  Now someone big needs to cut it!

Another One..”I Don’t Know What It Is”

A song by a German group (this was a demo) and it rocked.  Kit and I did it again – it is a girl group anthem waiting to happen (um, this is what happens when you haven’t heard your songs in awhile, you fall in love with them all over again).  Well, I do!  Oh and believe me, I can write an awful song but this isn’t one of them.

Avery! –  if you are reading this (I posted this one for you, my favorite fan – big hug and can’t wait to see you soon!)

Someone Like You

One of my favorite songs (written by me, Kit Hain and SAF – Swiss American Federation).  The song is about my trepidation after meeting my now husband….he was “just too good to be true” and I was definitely going to find a way to screw it up. Magically that is not what happened despite my best efforts 😉

The song is about the fear of driving away the one man you want to keep and well, female commitment phobia.  This is definitely one of my favorite songs for so many reasons.  Enjoy…(more to come…much more!)

Hello World….I lost my songs and then I found them

Formerly, before I got married and had a child (um, it didn’t all just magically happen but that is another blog) I was a singer and a songwriter.  I’m going to post a few songs as I recently found them all!  I thought they were long gone and much to my surprise, they were right next to my desk. Here goes…..

I’m Over It – one of the first songs I ever wrote. The song was written with Sandy Fredrickson, Jimmy Greco and later Kit Hain.  Multiple versions of this song exist so here is one!